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A. Academia SIS - Student Information System (Click on the link to open) @Higher Education Institutions

With the changing landscape in higher education, the role of technology is more important than ever before to support scalability, handle evolving requirements, manage multiple modes of communication and ensure efficiency. Academia SIS has been developed considering all these scenarios and to suit the current and future needs of evolving higher education institutions.

Academia SIS is a unique solution for Group Institutions, Business Schools, Universities, Colleges etc. It automates the complete student life cycle and supports activities for students, faculties, staff and parents. This is a feature-rich, configurable solution which is developed keeping in mind the various complex process of colleges and universities.

Academia SIS is capable of handling group institutions very effectively. It provides the ability to get a complete/macro picture of the whole organization along with information of the individual business unit.

With Academia Student Information System you can automate all the processes and operations of your institute through a leading-edge platform. Say ‘Hello’ to futuristic technology with Academia SIS, and empower your student management.

Academia SIS is a digitally advanced platform that enhances the connectivity among students, teachers and parents, helping the institute perform better and grow faster.

Academia SIS is designed to support your institution’s mission of managing, teaching and learning in a productive way while providing the efficiency to ensure a successful student life cycle.

Academia SIS offers the following benefits for higher education

  1. Allows students, faculty and all non-academic staff to manage tasks with the flexibility of time and place.
  2. Real-time updates and information exchange.
  3. Student performance analysis within a few clicks.
  4. Dynamic teachers, parents & student’s collaboration through mobile apps and respective portals.

B. Academia SMS - School Management System (Click on the link to open) @Schools & Academies

Academia School Management System automates and streamlines complete student life cycle from enquiry to class completion. It provides an easy way to perform different activities (like Admission, Timetable, Attendance, Exam) and tasks for Teachers, Principal, Staff, and Students. This cutting edge School Management System provides a communication channel between Student-Teacher, Teacher-Parents, and Parents-School, etc, which works as a good interaction tool and promotes a conducive learning environment.

Academia SMS ensures standardized and effective School processes, reduced costs & effort, greater accountability & faster decision making.

Academia School Information Management System is a highly efficient school ERP to manage all the complex academic processes of a school or group of schools in a smooth and productive way. Academia SMS offers an integrated solution to handle student records, fee details, employee records, fees and accounts, transportation details, hostels, library records, communication and much more.

Academia SMS offers the following benefits for schools

  1. Powerful reporting, analytics, and efficient work-flow.
  2. Enhanced teachers’ productivity and data quality leading to high ROI.
  3. Quality parent-teacher-student connectivity through mobile apps and portals.
  4. Integrations with 3rd party solutions such as biometrics, Tally, online payment gateway, etc.

C. Academia TMS - Training Management System (Click on the link to open) @Training Institutions

Academia Training Management System is a unique solution designed specifically for Training institutes and Coaching centers. This solution was developed considering very unique requirements of training institutes e.g. efficient CRM, highly configurable operations, scalable system as demand is variable throughout the year, effective customer support system to handle different needs of trainees, trainers and staff.

Solution handles complete operations pertaining to CRM, Academics, Fees & Payments, Customer Support, Study Material Distribution and Online Assignment Management etc.

Academia Architecture & Implementation (Click on the link to open)