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Emerging Third-Party SAP Support - A solution to lower TCM till 2030

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Increasingly more SAP customers are trying to explore the option of outsourcing their SAP support services due to the number of benefits that come with them. Outsourcing your SAP support and maintenance can lead to reduced IT operating costs, increased SAP quality of service, massively increased SAP Services up time and, most importantly, a greater focus on the core competencies of the business.

SAP outsourcing, however, also comes with risks. It requires the full control of your SAP system to be handed over to third-party support providers including the mission-critical business data. Moreover, before making a final call, any decision to outsource support and maintenance services should be assessed against the potential benefits and risk factors.

6 Tips for Choosing the right SAP Support and Maintenance Provider

  1. Identify if the provider meets your needs
  2. Gain a good understanding of their skills and strengths
  3. Assess whether they offer flexibility
  4. SAP certification
  5. SAP Partner Center of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE)-
  6. Service-level agreement

Identify if the provider meets your needs:
A reliable and consistent SAP partner should have the appropriate set – up of SAP services as well as a strong team of experts to provide your needs with an adequate level of support.

Main attributes:

  • Optimal SAP outsourcing company size as well as cultural alignment with your business.
  • Readiness at all times to protect your data and info.
  • High bandwidth required to support and maintenance.
  • Active and involved approach to responding quickly and appropriately to your concerns.

Gain a good understanding of their skills and strengths:
Make sure that you are chosen a highly experienced partner with the right skill and expertise level. Make sure that your potential SAP provider has sufficient knowledge and understanding of your business processes and goals.

Main attributes:

  • Super high SAP experience, including many portfolio SAP products.
  • Profound specialized SAP skills and know – how to apply them to your business operations
  • Compelling time to work on the market with SAP.
  • Trustworthy customers testimonials.

Assess whether they offer adaptability:    
Each and every business is one of a kind and has novel necessities of its own. The correct SAP service provider should, therefore, offer customization choices across the service range and an individual way to deal with each and every customer to build up a plan that will provide the right ROI for your investment.

Main Attributes:

  • Extensible scope of SAP Services.
  • Different service levels depending on your company’s size and business objectives.
  • The versatility to pay for just what you need.

SAP Certification:
SAP is an intricate software that requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. Make sure that your potential provider is a believed SAP affirmed partner who is committed to always overhauling abilities and looking after skills.

Main Attributes:

  • Officially Confirmed SAP Certification.
  • Fully trained and skilled employees.
  • Regular investment to guarantee the group’s up – to – date skills.

SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE):     
Accreditation of SAP’s Center of Expertise is an important attribute of the right SAP partner. This certification has stringent standards that take into consideration the total support center of an SAP Partner, including support staff, associated processes, and infrastructure. This certification guarantees the capability and dedication of the partner you choose to provide their customers with high – quality services. With the certification now made a compulsory process, you still have to be doubly cautious if your current partner contestant does not have the badge.
Service-level agreement:   
A very well – informed service – level agreement stimulates the relationship between a client and a provider. It means that the provider agrees to deliver a specific set of activities or fulfill certain business objectives and is set between the customer and the provider of support and maintenance.

Standard Myths about SAP Support:
There’s a need to enlighten about its impact on the existing SAP user base with every new product launch by SAP. Most of the questions surrounding each release relate to SAP’s support for that release. While some facts need clarification, others are myths for demystification.

SAP’s deadline to migrate to S/4HANA by 2025, SAP support has created more turmoil

SAP’s due date to relocate to S/4HANA by 2025, SAP support has made more strife. Companies are still more than ever exploring more options for SAP support. They are taking into consideration service providers from third-party SAP support who can reduce the burden of risky support costs.

But there are plenty of myths about supporting SAP. We’re discussing these common myths in this article and exploring the truth behind them.

  • Myth 1: SAP is now the only source of support

SAP is often assumed to be the only option for support services after implementing a SAP solution. There are, however, effective and experienced third – party service providers such as Dynamo that not only provide round – the –  clock support but also provide highly customized solutions at a more reasonable price.

  • Myth 2: Your relationship with SAP may be harmful to dropping SAP support

Even if you choose not to use SAP support, you would still remain an SAP customer. As an SAP customer, you can buy new licenses, innovate, stay safe and interoperable, use SAP tools, and restore SAP support.
On the off chance, you pick a third-party SAP support partner, you turn into a real prospect for SAP, and the support partner encourages you to lower the overall vendor maintenance cost. Our customers also found our support more responsive and tailored to their needs in addition to cost savings.

  • Myth 3: SAP support is equivalent to lower TCO for the long term

It’s a mistake that third-party SAP support customers simply end up having to go back to SAP support where they pay back to transition for high reimplementation costs.
You get a team of specialized software engineers with third-party SAP support to provide tailor-made support solutions at a lower cost. In the long run, third-party support services can lead to lower TCO.

  • Myth 4: SAP support agents from third parties simply push support material

Third-party SAP support services are almost always perceived as 24/7 help desks and nothing more. We offer so much more, on the contrary. As a certified PCOE partner, we try to ensure that support services are available for you in a more cost-efficient model in conjunction with SAP terms and conditions. Our support services provide you with full access to an accredited and highly skilled technical and functional SAP expert.

  • Myth 5: Third -party SAP Support solutions complicate upgrades with their customization

You should always prefer to use the updated SAP version to keep pace with the changing market landscape, and third-party support solutions such as ours can actually facilitate upgrades rather than hinder them. We definitely help you incorporate and maintain only the customization you simply need with our structured approach.

  • Myth 6: Third party support services weren’t safe

You have access to security patch information provided by SAP or not. We provide proactive technology stack security and vulnerability protection in tailored patches for your security needs in addition to the security provided by SAP to its customers.