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Focused IT Services and Solutions @ Aptworks

Enabling Small & Medium Enterprises to convert a vision into a reality

Small Business entities range from tiny start-ups to small family-run firms to medium-size concerns supplying major manufacturers. At the initial stages, if small businesses are to have a significant impact on the economy, they are required to design a roadmap with objectives focused on growth – more employees, expanding the product range, diversify into international markets and boost turnover. In many cases, the skills and experiences of an entrepreneur are not necessarily sufficient to grow the business to a much larger size. Further stages in the company’s development require a host of new infrastructure especially in terms of technology and the knowledge to implement them.

Aptworks works with small businesses to help overcome specific challenges including:

  1. Selecting solutions and infrastructure with the optimal cost-feature mix
  2. Choosing and implementing a solution that is flexible enough to scale with your business growth
  3. Not having the support needed to identify and fix errors in the IT infrastructure before they lead to serious repercussions in the core business
  4. Streamlining operations through automation and technology to ensure consistency of output
  5. Developing specific and customized solutions that are “just right” for the need and within a typically tight budget

Helping Mid-Market Enterprises stay focused on growth and innovation
Aptworks realized that if the business landscape in India has to grow, then we need to focus more on middle-market companies that are on a positive growth trajectory, even in times of tough economic conditions. Mid-market businesses benefit from the global potential and scale of larger companies combined with the flexibility and drive of smaller ones. It is surely a sweet spot for the implementation of our innovative solutions and services in India.
Mid-market companies have occupied a niche of their own as they are too big to be considered traditional SMEs, but smaller than the bigger, exchange listed businesses which dominate the headlines. New technology solutions tied to the cloud and mobile are allowing mid-market businesses to boost back-office productivity, reach new customers, and reinforce their culture.
Aptworks with a focus on mid-market businesses recommends the use of services such as:

  1. Cloud services – which is a logical extension of outsourcing
  2. Social media utility – especially to help drive external interaction
  3. Big data analytics – a big part of which is utilizing detailed data generated through online engagement
  4. Consumerisation – through the use of personal devices and web resources by both employees and external users

We help mid-market enterprises to mature and develop into profitable organisations with tailor made solutions.

Ensuring Large Enterprises leverage global opportunities and stay ahead
Aptworks has recognized a set of challenges for Indian/Multi-national enterprises, including:

  1. Globalization
  2. Economic crises
  3. Rapid technological developments
  4. Accelerating rate of change

These challenges could be turned into large opportunities for large scale enterprises. The seemingly uphill task of embracing new technologies and incorporating them into day to day activities within the traditional setting of European businesses needs to be addressed. The changing ecosystem can be dealt with at early stages and can be sustained through dynamic and forward-oriented leadership in the enterprise, supported by robust and flexible IT Capabilities. Large enterprises must be able to manoeuvre in various contexts and keep developing their competencies to keep up with the accelerating pace of change in the business environment.

Leverage Aptworks IT services and solutions to successfully capitalize on global opportunities for your enterprise.


You project success guaranteed under our advisory services - Aptworks Global®

Implementing or upgrading ERP is an investment and effort that begins with strategic planning and extends into implementation and well beyond. Companies should seek to implement an ERP solution (like SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-In-One [BAiO], SAP Business One [B1]) based on size of operations, that helps integrate seamlessly business processes and technology.AptWorks help to boost the business value. 

Our SAP Advisory Services: 

  • SAP technology enablements are business improvement projects of limited scope aimed at specific business processes needing review, redesign and sustainable improvement through the implementation of SAP solutions. 

Our advisory services include: 

  • The translation of business requirements into technical requirements 
  • The assistance in sizing, setting up, and testing the technical environments that run the software solution (including development, testing, training and production systems) 
  • The configuration/parameterization of the IT solutions 
  • The assistance in the definition and execution of tests, aimed to assess that the solution actually meets the functional and technical requirements, including performance testing. 
  • The assistance in gaining post-implementation technical approval by the software solution provider. 
  • The assistance to the IT organization of the client in taking ownership of the software solution. 
  • Assistance for post-implementation performance and optimization assessment. 

Our service offerings in this space include: 

  • SAP enabled end-to-end transformation. 
  • SAP technology lead: Finance, Supply Chain, Customer & People enablements. 
  • SAP Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics solutions 
  • SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions 
  • SAP Mobility solutions. 
  • SAP Enterprise Health & Safety & Sustainability Solutions. 
  • SAP Industry Solutions enablement. 
  • Specialized solution implementations in the area of Treasury and Liquidity compliance. 
  • Independent Verification and Validation.