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Who we are & our credentials and who are our business partners for YOUR SUCCESS!

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Aptworks team consists of a group of strong Enterprise-Grade techno-functionals who have wide and deep understanding of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications vis-a-vis partners situation which helps in proposing right scalable solution keeping the company's vision.

Aptworks takes up an initial study to revamp the legacy processes and digitally transforming the organization by re-deploying best practices re-engineered and benchmarked for improving productivity and automating all mundane activities through software robots (RPA) managing change.

The Aptworks team helps in:

  1. The translation of business requirements into technical requirements. 
  2. Business Transformation. 
  3. The assistance in sizing, setting up, and testing the technical environments that run the software solution (including development, testing, training and production systems) 
  4. The assistance in the definition and execution of tests, aimed to assess that the solution actually meets the functional and technical requirements, including performance testing. 
  5. The assistance in gaining post-implementation technical approval by the software solution provider. 
  6. The assistance to the IT organization of the client in taking ownership of the software solution. 
  7. Assistance for post-implementation performance and optimization assessment / Audits. 

Our Partners

Serosoft is India's 9th fastest-growing technology company and a leading educational software company, promoted by a dynamic team of erstwhile I-Bankers, US graduates and MBA's. We are part of the prestigious 50-year old Hindustan Group of Companies (

Academia is a complete enterprise solution for universities, colleges, schools and training institutions looking to automate their Academic and Administrative processes. It helps automate and manage the entire campus operations, administration, and learning needs.

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Envecon is a Global IFS Service and Channel Partner with 300+ successful implementations globally. Envecon has a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget for clients. As a strong IFS partner, Envecon and Aptworks have become the trusted digitalization partner for their customers, providing IFS applications and services. At present, we provide services to 70+ customers worldwide. We have offered successful IFS implementations in more than 50 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas. Envecon currently has offices in Copenhagen, Seattle, Dubai & Kuala Lumpur with delivery centers in Mumbai and Bangalore. In 2018, Envecon was awarded the IFS Enterprise Service Partner of the Year award at the IFS WoCo conference held in Atlanta. Envecon has a profound involvement in IFS Applications counseling. The counseling incorporates end-to-end Implementation, Support, IFS Project Management and Solution Management, Application Development and Customization, IFS Applications Training, Customization Upgrade, outsider Interface Development and Configuration. As an IFS partner, we provide an end-to-end implementation of IFS applications and IFS solutions to support all aspects of client’s demanding business needs.

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ebizframe ERP Company is a leading Enterprise Automation Solution across Africa, Middle East and India. It has enabled many enterprises across diverse industry verticals to transform themselves from operating in non-integrated environments with scattered islands of information, into integrated, agile and strong global companies wherein the entire operations are managed from a single location.ebizframe ERP provider is not just multi-everything (multi-location, multi-company, multi-lingual,...) but is also completely Device Agnostic and SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud) enabled. Moreover, ebizframe ERP Systems has user defined workflows, is completely dashboard driven and has a great, easy to use UI (User Interface), thereby taking the operational efficiency of an enterprise to a different level altogether. Supported across the globe directly by its creator, Eastern Software Systems, ebizframe ERP Software system is a highly configurable ERP Solution and ensures rapid Return on Investment due to quick implementations and roll-outs.

Reach Us: +918019280375 /