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Aptworks team consists of a group of strong Enterprise-Grade techno-functionals who have wide and deep understanding of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications vis-a-vis partners situation which helps in proposing right scalable solution keeping the company's vision.

Aptworks takes up an initial study to revamp the legacy processes and digitally transforming the organization by re-deploying best practices re-engineered and benchmarked for improving productivity and automating all mundane activities through software robots (RPA) managing change.

The Aptworks team helps in:

  1. The translation of business requirements into technical requirements. 
  2. Business Transformation. 
  3. The assistance in sizing, setting up, and testing the technical environments that run the software solution (including development, testing, training and production systems) 
  4. The assistance in the definition and execution of tests, aimed to assess that the solution actually meets the functional and technical requirements, including performance testing. 
  5. The assistance in gaining post-implementation technical approval by the software solution provider. 
  6. The assistance to the IT organization of the client in taking ownership of the software solution. 
  7. Assistance for post-implementation performance and optimization assessment / Audits. 

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  • PRESALES Support services 
  • PRACTICE Support services 
  • DELIVERY Support services
  • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Support Services