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The higher education and research industry is being reshaped by four major trends. Economic pressure and changing dynamics are driving high "customer" experience expectations from the millennial generation of students and "consumers" of educational content. Today's students are looking for an educational "experience" that is personally relevant to them and to their social and economic context. Global online and open coursework will increasingly be integrated as the “global campus” aggressively evolves. Proactive student support is increasing to adapt classes and teaching to meet new millennial demands and expectations for redefining “student success” in the Experience Economy. Real-time "always on" mobile support is expected across the enterprise and campus, including security and monitoring. Being able to address the global mega-themes and the industry challenges will determine who will be among the winners in the next 10 years, especially as enrollment is falling in several major markets, including the United States. Successful operating model innovation, process optimization, and workforce productivity are directly linked to delivering great customer and employee experiences. In fact, research indicates that the best-performing institutions are pulling away from the rest. They are widening the performance gap by creating a landscape where they deliver great experience and are also the most profitable, because they successfully adopt new technologies and deliver winning solutions and services more efficiently.

ACADEMIA ERP Use-cases for Universities & Institutes

The Impact of Digital Technologies

The current pace of technological advancements has the most profound impact on enabling how higher education and research institutions transform themselves to respond to their customers’ needs and to market trends. Digital technologies are allowing universities to adopt digital platform strategies through which they can innovate at speed, drive operational excellence, and deliver teaching, learning, and research at scale. As more student data is captured and advanced analytics are applied, new student engagement opportunities emerge. Colleges and universities can increase their impact on student success by using captured and analyzed data to personalize learning and improve the overall student experience. Leading institutions that are putting intelligent technologies and data at the center of their future will be adapting to deliver education and research on value-based outcomes, and monetize their institutional expertise at full scale. Overall, universities can focus on their core front-office activities of teaching, research, and student engagement by aggressively controlling costs and, in the near future, investing in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to fully automate the back office.

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