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Selling Your Business

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At Aptworks M&A we are passionate business brokers who specialize in assisting small business owners in buying and selling their business throughout India. We are business people helping business people, so our clients can be assured they will receive exceptional, reliable, and honest service with us.

Let Our Brokers Find the Right Buyers

At Aptworks M&A solutions, we know that no matter the situation, selling your business can be unpleasant and stressful if you don’t know where to begin. One of our brokers will work with you one-on-one to properly estimate the value of your business while taking all formal and technical steps in getting your business advertised and sold. We realize what kind of an impact “For Sale” notices can have on a business during this process, we guard your confidentiality. You can therefore be assured that confidentiality remains a high priority for all of our brokers. We will not disclose the name of the business until the seller is ready to. We will mediate with potential buyers on your behalf and negotiate with prospective buyers to reach a reasonable deal that will satisfy both the seller and the buyer.

Protecting Your Investment

Coming to a decision to sell your business can be difficult after all the time, effort, and capital spent to build it. Aptworks M&A advisor is dedicated to helping you protect your investment during the selling process. Our brokers will be devoted to making this transition as smooth as possible for you by handling all formal details with crucial parties such as Landlords, lawyers and bankers. We will ensure that clerical details are taken care of and that all dealings are completed in a timely manner.

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Don’t let the complications of selling your business bring unneeded stress to you and your company. Aptworks M&A advisors will handle all the details involved in selling your business professionally and with care.

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